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On what happened on Twitter this week


I don’t particularly want to talk about what’s been going on with Tressie and what feels like all of the rest of Twitter, but I feel there are things that need to be said.

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It was never my intention (nor @Karnythia’s) to poison you against Tressie. If you feel she’s been a friend to you, we completely understand. The conversations that took place in Boston and on Twitter last weekend weren’t an attempt to turn you against her. People rock with who they want and that’s fine. I mean, *I* would question the integrity of anyone so easily influenced by what others say about a person. Karnythia just wanted to share what she knew based on her interactions, and former acquaintances familiar with your friend. 

We’ve all e-known Tressie for years, and we’ve been witness to the martyring and histrionics. The deleting, the undeleting, and doubling down. I’ve had more people from Livejournal dust off their Twitter accounts and pop in my mentions and DMs about this situation than I care to count because they want a hit of schadenfreude and I can’t blame them, based on past run-ins with her. It is what it is.

This situation with Arrianna is no different. I’m not going to lie and say she and Robert’s hands are completely clean, but they didn’t start this. SHE DID. Robert overzealously defended a friend against subtweets from Tressie’s crew. Until SHE took that beef offline, no one else did. If wisdom truly comes with age, she should’ve been adult enough to either keep out of it or pop her shit and keep it moving. It’s really that simple. Instead, she showed out and things escalated. If this isn’t an episode of “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong” I don’t know what is.

I’ve also talked to Arrianna all week. About her being hounded by folks looking for her side of the story. About strangers dragging her name through the mud. About “high profile blackademics” calling her Dean, Provost, and Advisor on Tressie’s behalf. Arrianna’s deleted her Twitter account. She’s being written about on CHE blogs (by friends of Tressie!) If anyone’s reputation is being assaulted? It’s hers.

But it’s cool. Clearly people will continue to believe what they want, and I can’t stop them. I would ask them to consider all sides of the story before passing judgment, though. And if Tressie had been right, *I* would’ve defended her, past issues aside. But she isn’t. And I stand on that.

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